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The Last Word: Australian Creative


Here’s my last word as published in Australian Creative.  It’s the last printed article for Australian Creative ever as they are stopping print editions next year.

My favourite parts are the opening and closing paragraphs which I’ll write out here – the rest you can read by clicking on the image.

“There are two lines in Semisonic’s Closing Time that I want to discuss. They are perhaps The LastWord on advertising in 2013.  The first line, “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here”, best sums up the plight of most advertising agencies. They are useful to most clients, but not in their current form.


For the younger of you who don’t know Semisonic’s hit, Closing Time, you may be more familiar with the Matchbox 20 cover version. To Generation Y, I will add one more thing – ‘show some respect, and stop fucking things up’.