Adam Ferrier – The Consumer Psychologist


Create Your Own Ice Bucket Challenge




You may have seen the massive success of the Ice Bucket Challenge, and what it has done for Motor Neuron Disease. It’s created a lot of interest and raised a lot of money.  The campaign embraces a lot of the techniques we talk about in our book, ‘The Advertising Effect: How To Change Behaviour’ (you can buy a copy on the tab button on this site).

However, if you are an NGO or a not for profit in Australia and would like a free copy of the book please let me know and I’ll send you one.   It’s not difficult to create campaigns such as this – it just takes a bit of focus and willingness to take a different approach.

For a free copy of the book please just email me: [email protected]

Tell me your name, your role, and the organisation you work at and I’ll send you a copy asap.