Adam Ferrier – The Consumer Psychologist


Get Involved in Good Thnx


Around a year ago I was approached by two very smart chaps in Adelaide called Shannon Poulton and Ante Juricin. They had an idea for a business called ‘Good Thnx‘ and wanted me to participate.  They were not asking for much, just the opportunity to catch up and talk about their project every so often and help where I could.  They also asked World Vision Global CIO David Paterson and Google’s Head of Engineering Alan Noble.  The process of helping the guys get this business up and running has been fascinating.  They live in Adelaide, and quit their jobs to focus full time of Good Thnx.  Alan, David and I catch up with them in person, over the phone whenever we can.

Good Thnx is basically a way of thanking people for doing good deeds. Every time someone does something nice for you you can thank them, but it’s how you thank them that’s really interesting. You thank them by donating a small amount of money to their chosen charity.  So the good deeds good influence is actually magnified, and thus, we hope encourage more good deeds.  Our 5 launch charity partners are: Beyond Blue, RSPCA SA, St Vincent de Paul, World Vision Australia and WWF Australia.

The guys have just launched a Chuffed campaign, and would love you to participate in this exciting start up.  You’ll get to experiment with a totally new business, and see if there’s legs in encouraging people to say ‘Thnx’.