Adam Ferrier – The Consumer Psychologist


Predictions for 2014


Here are my predictions for 2014 as according to B&T

There are a few things that will definitely happen in 2014.

A) The magic of advertising will be called upon to help solve and comment on more issues that currently lie outside the definition of our industry. Conversely, as advertisers are called upon to do this, they will start to B) take the science nerds more seriously, as they’ll need to articulate how our craft works better than ‘trust me – I’m creative’.

As science becomes more embedded in what we do, C) agencies will struggle to develop internal processes that champion creativity yet embrace the science.

D) Those that do will become the true strategic partners to their clients brands, and those that don’t will help with great executions off other agencies’ strategies and ideas.

Agencies with FMCG clients will E) help one more of the big traditional FMCG players find a new business model that goes around the retailers effectively, F) whilst retail brands have a resurgence as they integrate on and offline experiences embracing the fact people just love to shop (it’s up to the retailers to inspire them as to where and how they shop).

Finally, G) we’ll see a return to self-acceptance with young people daring to be different and, with this acceptance, we’ll start to see the re-emergence of true characters in advertising return.

H) However, 2014 might also unfortunately be the year that people realise prediction columns are full of shit, and no one really knows what’s next and that’s why everything is so much fun.

Also, just because I can use this space however I like, thanks everyone for a cracker 2013.