Adam Ferrier – The Consumer Psychologist


My Top 5 Trend Predictions for 2014


The 5 Big Trends for 2014:

1. Media agencies will invest more time and effort into writing meaningless trend predictions to prove their intelligence and insight abilities.  The irony being that all of these trend predictions will basically cover the same material as each other.

2. The trend predictions from media agencies will be a mish mash of technological innovations, macro trends, and random one off innovations (e.g. Top Trends are: Wearable Technology (Google Glass), Content Marketing, Managing Big Data Better (or the return of small data (getit?)), Health!!!, and Frictionless Payments) What does someone do with such a random list?

3. The trends will have no predictive validity, and next to no justification for their inclusion (or any discussion about what was excluded).

4. Some creative agencies will also jump into this cesspit of misinformation (having said that I do enjoy reading JWT’s 100 things to watch for).

5. People will flick through the trend predictions and become so despondent with the lack of originality or substance in these lists that they’ll be turned to write meaningless blog posts like this one.  Thereby further wasting people’s time.