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Non-stop Blocks Of Rock: The Joys of Radio


Recently, I’ve started a weekly segment on Triple M on Matt Tilley and Joe Hilderbrand’s show The One Percenters. It’s great fun talking about consumer psychology, and attempting to educate people about the influences on why and how we consume the brands we do.  I see it a little as doing my bit to even up the ledger between the consumer and the omni-present force of marketing (that and it’s a bit of fun).

Here’s a pod cast of our latest show – my segment is the final 15 minutes of the show. On this particular one we’re talking about ‘The Ikea Effect’, and why astronauts will be popular in 2014.

You can listen to the show here.

The show is an attempt to do ‘talk based radio’ that is somewhere in between the intelligencia pontificating about their daffodils, and the right wing freak show shock jocks.  It’s only been going for 3 weeks and feels like it’s finding its feet quickly. Looking forwards to getting some genuine consumer feedback (so far the only feedback I’ve had is this one tweet

Im sure he didn’t mean it – it was probably meant for someone else??

I’ve always loved radio and will continue to do my Sunday night segment with Jame’s O’Loghlin on the ABC.

When I was younger I had a radio show on Perth’s RTR called ‘Room 101′ (check the angsty literary reference to George Orwell).  After that i had another show called ‘Feelgood To The Max’ on 2MCE.  It was a talk back psychology program where we matched the psychological issue to the music we played. Why the name? My co-presenter and good mate was called Steve Feelgood, my name at the time was Max (long story).

Here’s to more constructive feedback.